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Metal Export is a large-scale enterprise specializing in manufacturing and selling Zinc, Lead, Copper, Molybdenum nad Wolframite. As a leading foreign trade enterprise in in Turkey's industry, the company has established a wide range of friendly long-term business cooperation relationships with many domestic and foreign corporate customers on the principle of equality, mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation, providing strong support for the development of the global market.

Metal Expoert is largest private producer of Lead and Zinc concentrate in Turkey which is integrated in mining, Flotation processing of Lead and Zinc Ore, smelting of Lead and Zinc concentrates and trading of base metals.

We are the leading manufacturer of Zinc Chemicals in turkey and currently looking for the Zinc Ore and Zinc Ash fines from miners and Galvanizing and smelting company.

Metal Export is one of the leading companies in the metals and minerals sector in Turkey. We predominantly produce and export zinc ingot, lead concentrates and, at the same time, import and distribute zinc, lead ores and concentrates

Metal Export, with long years of experience, not only is the leader of the Metal Export and minerals market, but also is sought for in the international arena due to its well established reputation all around the world.

Metal Export's vision is to increase the volume of its annual Copper, Molybdenum and zinc-lead ore production. Also various projects which target increasing ore production capacities and producing final metal products are being carried out.

About Us

Metal Export is a dynamic and growing mining company focused on the operation and development of mines in Turkey.We have focused on the Zinc and Copper and Manganese mining for nearly 13 years, Many of these metals and materials are crucial to the global economy.

Our customers can be confident in our ability to ensure a long-term, reliable supply of quality copper and molybdenum concentrates. Concentrate production is a process where the main metallic compounds of the mine’s ore are separated and 'concentrated'. This concentrated material is then sold to smelters for further refining. The marketing of base metal concentrates is a key element of MetalExport business. Our concentrate sales span the globe.

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Metal Export has been operating in the metal and mining industry for over 13 years..

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Tungsten Concentrate

Tungsten Concentrate beneficiation process is typically concluding tungsten ore (wolframite or scheelite) by crushing, milling and other processes to select the wolframite or scheelite.We produce Wolframite, Molybdenum concentrates.

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zinc ingot and Zamak

We supply the large part of the need of the world’s zinc ingot and Zamak raw material and import our raw material need for the factory from Africa and Asia miners as ore to Turkiye.

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Import and Export

we source and supply ores and concentrates to refining companies and smelters for processing and finishing.We export Wolframite, Molybdenum, Lead and Zinc concentrates produced and import the chemicals what we need from other countries to Turkiye.

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Molybdenum mining

Molybdenum is a metal with important industrial uses, particularly in the manufacture of chemical and steel products -structural and stainless steel- as well as pure molybdenum elements. we producing High Quality Molybdenum concentrates with grade greater than 57%.

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Raw Material Supply

Metal Export Corporation is involved in the trading of Zinc concentrate and molybdenum products sourced from Turkey mines,We are the leading manufacturer of Zinc, Lead, Molybdenum and metal material. We Can supply Molybdenum concentrates, Zinc concentrates and Lead concentrates.

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Zinc and lead mines

We’re a global presence with both completed and ongoing projects for the treatment of nickel, Zinc, Lead, Manganese, Chromite, alumina and iron ore

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Kizilirmak 1443. Avenue, Usta 1071 Plaza B Block Floor:8 No:69, Post code:06510, Chankaya Ankara - Turkey

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